Dr. Ejaz Hussain

General Practitioner


Dr. Ejaz Hussain has over 14 years of clinical experience in diagnosing, treating, and managing various conditions in outpatient and inpatient units of government and private hospitals and clinics. Dr. Ejaz Hussain finished his MBBS at University of Punjab, Pakistan and his Post graduate training (DCH) at the Post graduate medical Institute, in Pakistan.

He started his medical practice in his home country in 2001 as a General Practitioner. In 2011, he moved to the UAE and joined a large private hospital in Saudi Arabia as a General Practitioner and then moved to private medical center in Al Ain. He has an extensive experience taking care of in-patient, pre-operative, post-operative and emergency cases.

Area of Expertise.

  • Management of outpatient clinics and indoor ward care
  • Trauma and RTA cases
  • Air way managements
  • Cardiac cases like chest pain, MI, hypertension
  • Diabetic Emergencies like DM, DI
  • Acute abdomen like appendicitis, cholecystitis
  • Shock and diarrhea management
  • Poisoning cases in children
  • Infectious diseases and preventive medicines
  • Ventilator care and ICU monitoring

Language Spoken.